Scribe post for october 22nd

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

hey 9-06 sorry this late but this is the scribe for last thursday i'm just going to talk about what we did in class.To be honest i'm not to sure what we did class because i was distracted but the people walking in and out and goofing off didnt help either.
There was so much going on so i think we where just going over some of the things that we did last class , and how to do a question invovling:
greather than( > ), less than ( < ), and equals ( = )

once again sorry this isn't the best post, i'll do better next time im the scribe .


This is a very short but okay

Jericho 9-06 said...

Thats pretty good but next time you scribe make it 10 times longer ;D

sunburn said...

It's good that your Honest but if you don't know what we did in class then you should go in at lunch or ask someone.

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