October 07, 2009 Scribe Post

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hey guys, Renz P. here bringing you the things we did this day..
Okay, so lets start...
Today Mr. Backe' asked us what we learned about Rotation Symmetry and we answered:
It has:

-Centre of Rotation
-Angle of Rotation
-Order of Rotation
-Fraction of a Rotation
-You have to turn it Clockwise and Counterclockwise
-And a full turn is 360°.

He also asked us "What is a Circumference?".

And "How do we get the diameter and the radius of a circle?"
Here is the formula:

Diameter[D] = C ÷
Radius[R]= D ÷ 2

By the way, here's the Formula of a Rectangular Prism we did today..

And ohh guys dont forget to do our homework :)...
Here you go..

Ohh guys..thanks for reading my post and thanks for Jonathan for choosing me :)...

Okay for the next scribe i pick Josh F..*peace*

If theres mistake[s]-->iM Sorry :)..



Shelby 8-41 said...

Good post buddy...the pictures of what you are showing could be a little closer but besides that good post.

Andrew9-06 said...

Good post Renz.. hte pictures are really good.. uhh i think it would be better if you used more clours.. but besides that good post.

reNzPartido9-06 said...

hahah yeah thanks andrew and jayden..i really worked hard for that hahah...:P lol

Kareel-906 said...

Good job Renz..put some colors in the important words so they stand out and i like how the pictures have different colors

cchambers. 9-06 said...

Hey Renz, I can tell that you worked hard on this post, but just like Andrew said it could use some more color. (: But, besides that you did a really good job on the post, keep up the good work!! :)

reNzPartido9-06 said...

Thanks guys...:)

Jethro 9-06 said...

Renz you worked hard for this post good job.

Now work hard in school!

Clarence 9-06 said...

Hey Renz, i like the different fonts and colors you used and you really explained the surface area and how to get it. I liked how you explained what the radius and diameter are and what is a circumference and what is the circumference around a cylinder. Your post might probably help me in the next text if we have these as our questions. You really worked hard on this post . Good Job Renz Partido !

Anonymous said...

Hi there Renz.. Great job on the post. I can tell you worked pretty hard on it. But as everyone else said.. You should use more colours on it. [:

Good Job on you post renz.. it's very nice and yahh you could use some more colours.. :)..

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