List for Question#11

Monday, October 12, 2009

Mathematics Homework

This is the list for the task in #11:

Building garages:

you would need to use surface area for building garages. Because you would need to calculate the surface area of the place your building the garage into and make it so it fits the specifications of the owner and still fit the required and available space.

Ice Cubes:

you would need to use surface area for making ice cubes. If an artist would be making somethning out of ice cubes he would need to calculate the surface area of the size of the ice cube that he needs and to check if the artist's design will fit into the designated surface area that he calculated.

House designs:

you would need the surface area if you are calculating the amount of space a house would take up in a neighborhood according to the lot size. If that is the case then you would need surface area to help give you an idea of how big the house should be.

Park designs:

if you are an architecht and you are building a park with a size limit you will need the surface area for the park according to length and width to meet the specifications.


Mr. B. said...

Thanks for starting Renz. Good job. Anyone else think of when we might need surface area?

Jethro 9-06 said...

nice post Renz Eulric

good job on your post renz.. you should capitalize the first word of your sentences.

thanks everyone for the comments and i will definitely edit this so it could be much better :)

Melanee 9-06 said...

What was this for..?Where did you get that question from?

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