Scribe Post for April 14-15, 2010

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Yesterday April 14th we learned about linear equations and to create tables of values. Mr. Backe also told us about and play some Math games.

He introduced Chapter 6 with some new words:
linear relation-A relation that appears as a straight line when graphed.
linear equation-An equation whose graph is a straight line.
interpolate-To estimate the value between two given values.
extrapolate-To find values that is not given

Tables of Values and linear equations
First thing to remember is that x is always the independent and y is the dependent.
Here's an example of a table of values in our class
To get the linear equation you have find the difference in each number in the y column. In this table it is 3, because it adds 3 in each row in the y column. And why -2, here's an example:

Practice Question from class

1. How many circles are in figure 7?

2.83 circles is what figure number?

Today April 15th we just corrected our tests and started to do work which is:
CYU # 2
Practise-# 4,6,7,9,10
Extend-# 15
6.1 Workbook
6.1 Extra Practice

Scribe Post for April 8th, 2010

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Division of Polynomials

Today in class Mr. Backe gave us these examples.

8x(squared)/4x=2x 8x(squared)+4x/4x=2x+1


36x(squared)-12x/-4x=-9x+3 28x(squared)+21x+14/7

Homework for tonight is:
Textbook 7.3

  • All S.Y.K
  • C.Y.U #2
  • Practice #8 and 9
  • All of Apply
  • All of Extend
  • 7.3 Extra Practice and 7.3 Workbook
  • Chapter 7 Reveiw
  • Chapter 7 test (textbook) or Hand-out test
  • Chapter 7 Self Check
  • Polynomial Puzzle (To hand in with Stash-It)

There is a test on Tuesday April 13, 2010

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Scribe Post for April 5, 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010

Hi guys, it's Renz P. So here's the things we did today.

We just started 7.2 [WorkBook] it's :

Here are some examples Mr. Backe' gave us.





and we got a HOMEWORK too, by the way.

  • READ page 264-268
  • DO ALL Show-You-Know
  • Check Your Understanding *Number 2,3*
  • Practice 4 or 5, 6 or 7, 8 or 9 and 12 , 13
  • Apply : ALL
  • Extend : 19 , 20

So that's all for today (: .
Sorry for the mistakes and @Mr.Backe' sorry for posting late.