Scribe Post for October 29th 2009

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hey Guys, Today in class we played a fraction game using cards. The red cards were represented positive numbers, and the black cards represented negitive numbers. So in order to play the game you need 2 cards and put them in a fraction (the cards were handed out randomly) after that you have to put your number on the number line and whoever was closest to 0 on the number line would get 2 points.


Jim's fraction is -2/9 and Bob's fraction is -4/7.

Who do you think is closer to zero?...

-2/9 is closer because if u find it's decimal value it is: -0.22(repeating)

-4/7 decimal value is: -0.57.

Where is the Half point for 2/3?

Homework for tonight is: 3 questions that ask you to compare the fractions using the denominator. The fractions that you have to compare are

1/2 and 1/3

1/5 and 2/4

2/3 and2/4

Besides that we also have section 2.1 Math Link (the worksheet Mr.B gave us)

Well I have said what we did in class so I guess that means I am done my scribe.

For the next scribe I am not going to choose another guy because it has been only guys that have been doing scribes...Next is Nichole! Good Luck

Remember the Halloween dance is tomorrow so if you don't have all of your work in make sure you get it done so you can go. Oh yeah I almost forgot: COMMENT!!!


Jayden 9-06 said...

No offence guys but this is pathetic that I am the only one commenting on my OWN post!

Vikram 9-05 said...

Nice post Jayden, you could have added some more color though.

Tanner906 said...

Sorry Jayden I should have commented last night, my bad.

Jericho 9-06 said...

Hey Jayden :D Good work!
geez 9-06 you all have to comment especially to Jayden's blog!

good job on your post JAYDEN... >:P.. You should add colours on your post like Vikram said.

you made a mistake on your post.. you aren't surpose to us slang words or what ever people call them...

Change that U into the proper YOU

Karen9-05 said...

HEEEY 9-06.
Karen from 9-05 here. just dropping by to see other class' blogs. good soo far. Good job on the post Jayden, almost forgot. Great use of color and pictures. You explained things properly. although, it can be a bit confusing and not understandable and there are a few spelling errors. not trying to be too critical. just pointing out your mistakes so you can fix them (: Mr.backe asked us to check out your blog and help out a little. k bye. :D

Clarence 9-06 said...

what is up jayden haha, nice post but i would like to recommend that use more pictures and color, color is to make it stand out. You did the change that Mr.B told you to change good job. good job on choosing a girl for the next scribe because the guys always do it now the girls have to do it haha well just got to say GOOD JOB =)

sunburn said...

your number line is still wrong. You found out that -4/7 is -0.57 as a decimal but my beef is that the fraction is placed before -0.5 on the number line. I know MR,B talked about the number line in class but I just wanted to point that out.

reNzPartido9-06 said...

Hey Jayden, good post :). You should add more color[s]. Thats it..GOOD JoB..

mark906 said...

Good JOb jayden

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