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Monday, October 26, 2009

Today is October 26 2009 and its almost Halloween in four days (: but lets get back to math . To refresh our memories we are learning about Natural Numbers, Integers, Whole Numbers, Counting Number, Rational Number, Irrational Numbers, Real Numbers. We didn't really knew them, well some of them, and we got to make examples and Non-Examples. Oh and if i need corrections just comment and ill make the change(:
So This is what we did today------VVVVV

In our math links 9 book we had homework for 2.1 Comparing and Ordering Rational Numbers. So I'm just going to pick some of the questions in the book.

Check Your Understanding
3. Match each rational number to a point on the number line.

a) I put -0.6 in the C point because its in the negative side of the time line with all the other negative.

b) I put negative three fourths on the B point because the -3 fourths is on the negative side of the number line and its the closes to -3

c) I put the negative two three fourths on the A point because it's on the negative side and it's between the negative three and negative two. Its close to negative two

d) I put the number 1.9 on the E Point because it's on the positive side and its to 2 because its 1.9
so the 9 is closer to the next number that is two .

e) I put the 0.3 in the D point because it is closes to the 0 and a little bit away from it .

Check Your Understanding
5. What is the Opposite of each rational number ?

For question 5 you have to find the opposite of a) b) c) . A) is positive three over 2 and the opposite is negative three over two. B) is negative six decimal eight and the opposite of the number is positive six decimal eight. C) is negative two over one fifth is the opposite to two over one fifth.
If the number is positive then the opposite of the number is negative, if the number is negative then the opposite of it is positive.

Well that's it for me, well its time for me to go to do other math homeworks for Mr.Backe haha . So I hope this scribe helped you guys alot on what we did for homework . Oh yeah and if i made ALOT of mistakes just comment and ill just learn for my mistakes haha. Well i think i did this scribe wrong because i was suppose to make the scribe on what was our homework for TODAY but whatever, no one scribed this so i guess i should scribe on this since im already done this.
Well enough of my talking so the next person im going to pick for scribe is MARK ABAYA.
Good Luck !


reNzPartido9-06 said...

Good Job Clarence[Pogi], the pictures were clear and big..i have nothing more to say. Im impressed,.:)

Jayden 9-06 said...

Good job Clarence nice pictures and explinations of what we did in class.

GOOD JOB!!! you did good... ang you explained everything very clearly

Clarence 9-06 said...

you spelt and wrong melanee haha dont worry

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