Scribe Post for February 8, 2010

Monday, February 8, 2010

Heeeello guys! (:
Okay so, today we began our math class by making corrections to our chapter 3 test. After that, Mr. Backé handed out worksheets to us about scales and scale factors, Mr. Backé also handed out worksheets for chapter 4. Mr. Backé told us to copy out the definition for scale and scale factor out of our textbook.

Scale: A comparison between the actual size of an object and the size of it's image. This can be expressed as a ratio, as a fraction, as a percent, in words, or in a diagram. For example, a scale of 1cm: 50km on a map means that 1cm on the map represents 50km.

Scale Factor: The constant factor by which all dimensions of an object are enlarged or reduced in a scale drawing.

On Tuesday, February 16 Mr. Backé will be collecting the following in a "stash it":
1) Math Link Introduction
2) Math Link 3.1
3) Math Link 3.3
4) Math Link 3.4
5) Math Link Wrap It Up
6) Chapter 3 Self Assessment
7) Tests Signed By Parents
8) Journal
* All pages should be completed for 20% of this units mark.

I pick Breann as the next scribe.
Sorry if this scribe is short, I tried. (:


Good Job court. I like the colours. :) it pweeeetty.

Hey Courtney, nice job! the post was a bit short but that's alright at least you did the post. It's short yes, but i like the colors. Great job once again.

Tanner906 said...

Good job Courtney, its nice to see people are doing they're scribes again.

@ Tanner. That is true.

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