Scribe Post for February 17 2010.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Okay. I don't really know who is the scribe for today so i'm just going to do it myself. Mr.B is the scribe posts for marks?? :)

Okay. anywho in class today we talked about ENLARGMENT and REDUCTION.

So can anyone guess what Enlargment? . never mind. you can't answer that.

Anywho! Enlargment is to make something bigger, propotionally, everything has to be enlarged by the same scale factor. Enlargement always has a scale factor of >1

For example:

In order to do that we have to find what the scale factor is.
The scale factor is 1.5.

2 x 1.5 = ....

Hmm lets think. oh wait it equals to 3

So the scale factor would be 1.5 and this is a diagram to show that.

Example 2 :

and that's what Enlargement do.

Now to the next one.


Reduction is to make a scale smaller, proportionally everything has to be reduced by the same scale factor. A reduction always has a factor between o and <1.

Sorry i don't have any example for this one. :(

Anywho.! Mr. B also said that we have a test tommorow and its on 4.1 and 4.2 and we also need to know what scale and scale factor means.

Okay so this is it for today. I'll see you next time. Wait i can't really see but i'll do a scribe post next time.

Im too tired to pick the next scribe soo. umm.
Okay im just going to pick randomly Nichole Sr is the next scribe.

Nichole you better do this scribe post. i think its for marks

< - Less Than >-Greater than


Anonymous said...

Hi Melanee. (: Uh, well. You did a good job on the scribe post (y). Except for a few things. There was many grammar and spelling mistakes, other than that make sure there isn't a big space between the pictures and the sentences. Good Job. :D

Thank You. I'll fix my mistakes. :)

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