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Monday, February 22, 2010

Today in mathematics we got our stash its and journals back which was quite the horror and also our term marks which wasnt very pleasant either. But after the horrid stuff we got down to business with triangles and what not. This is what we've talked about this class:

Triangles vocabulary:
1.Scalene triangle - A triangle with no two sides of equal length.

This is a scalene triangle

3.Isosceles triangle - A triangle with two equal sides.

This is a Isosceles triangle

4.Equilateral triangle - A triangle has three sides, each one the same length. The three angles are also of equal measure.

This is an equilateral triangle

5.Acute triangle - A triangle whose interior angles are all acute (less than 90 degrees)

This is an Acute triangle

6.Obtuse triangle - A triangle that contains an obtuse interior angle.

This is an Obtuse triangle.

7.Equiangular triangle - A triangle in which each interior angle is identical, and each one will measure 60 degrees.

This is an Equiangular triangle.

8.Right-angle triangle - A right-angle triangle or a R.A.T. is a triangle with one right angle.

This is a Right-angle Triangle or a R.A.T.

Those are all the Vocabulary words from friday that we've talked about today. then after all that we then went to work on reviewing our triangle work last friday such as the formulas and how to figure out a side of a triangle and many more.

These are the examples from today:

So those are the three examples for today that we talked about and worked on. So now this is the homework:
1.Extra practice sheet 4.3
2.Workbook 4.3
3.Stuff from friday:
*Workbook 4.2
*Workbook get ready
(all due tomorrow)

OH and also the next scribe is ...... ...... ...... ..... ...... ..... ..... Jethro Toledo
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