Blog Post for February 26, 2010

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Today in Math we watched a video about Scale factor, Similarity, and Proportions. Here is the link for the video: Scale factor, Similarity, and Proportions are related concepts2

Now I will try to explain what I learned from the video, because its kinda hard to understand. As said in the video: Similar Figures have corresponding angles that are congruent and their corresponding sides are proportional. Corresponding means that the angles are matching and congruent means equal.

This polygons are equal, but how do you know if it is equal. First you need to get the scale factor of the polygons.

The first one is dividing the scale factors from the sides of the two polygons. If the answer is the same it means that the sides are equal.

The second way is multiplying the scale factors. You can multiply the scale factors any way you want, the answer would always be the same.

My post today is short, but I will try to update whenever I can. The next scribe is MARK ABAYA.


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