Scribe post for November 17 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday, November 17 ,2009
What's up guys! today we talked about fractions and as always we first clarified and corrected homework for today.
the number ten was the one that seemed more difficult, but here is the solution for you =)

First we need to find the denominator....and that is 60!
and as second we need to calculate the numerator and that will be:

77/60=17/60 and thats the answer!
anyway after that we did exercises on fractions like that:

and that:

.....that's it!
Hope that you understood how to proper fractions(in my first subscribe xP)!

thanks for
Jericho to choose me ;)
anyway don't forget to leave a comment and the homework for tomorrow!!
see ya!


mark906 said...

Good Job Giulio

Clarence 9-06 said...

Good Job Giulio you did a good job but can you put the numerator and denominator on the line so i know which one goes in which thanks, good job though .

Jericho 9-06 said...

Hey thanks :D Good Job man.

you sort of did some mistake but it's all good.. good job on you first post ever

Andrew9-06 said...

Good job Giulio.. nice pictures..Try not using so much smiley faces cause it messess it up.. like the "xD" and the "xP"

Andrew9-06 said...

Good job though..

Jayden 9-06 said...

Good job Guilio.

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