Scribe Post for November 13th, 2009

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Friday ,November 13
Today we went to the computer lab to learn more about fraction at
First got to Number and Operations (Grade 9-12)and then to Fractions-adding

This is somehow it is look like. What we need to do here is to find out the sum of the fractions shown. First you should rename the fractions 1/7 and 1/2 so their denominators would be the same.

Now the denominators are the same you can now add the fractions.

When adding fractions with different denominators you should rename it with its equivalent fraction to make the denominator the same.

After that we went to, created accounts then played some games about math.

After we leave Mr. Backe told us a homework which Show You Know in chapter 2.3.


mark906 said...

Good JOb Jethro

good job

Mr. B. said...

Thanks, Jethro. Try fixing Equivalent Fractions though. Homework is on Grade Nine Homepage too. Tell the students that also.

Andrew9-06 said...

Good job Jethro, I liked how you used different colours.. good job on the pictures..good job on working hard

Clarence 9-06 said...

Good job Jethro .

reNzPartido9-06 said...

good job jethro..i like how you explain it,:)

put more labels, like adding fraction ,etc..

again good job!!

Jericho 9-06 said...

Good job

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