Scribe Post for November 19th.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hey Guys. (: Today in class we just went over our homework, and practiced some questions that people had some trouble with.

At first, we went over a question that people had some trouble with on homework. This was the question:

This is how to figure it out.

1st Step -
Rewrite the question and solve the symbols (-,+).

2nd Step -
Figure out the common denominators.

Our homework for today:

1) 5 - 2/3

2) 4 - 5/6

3) 10 - 7/8

4) 5 - 2 2/3

5 6 - (-2/5)

I pick Courtney for the next scribe. :) Oh, and comment like crazy guys. x)


Andrew9-06 said...

Good job Lara.. I like your pictures.. but i think you need just abit more of explaining it into words.. Good job again!

Uhmm..Hi lara, next time try not use dark background, :)..BTW, Good job, like how you explain it..

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