Monday, March 22, 2010

Math class today was pretty simple. We just went over our test, got homework and went over some definition words for Chapter 7.

These are Today's notes:(with pictures)

Monomial ----> give three examples using variables for at least two.
3x, -4t, 7s,

Binomial ----> give three examples with a constant.
4x+19, 4x + 13x2, 3x - 2y

Polynomial ----> an algebraic expression with four or more terms.
Ex: -4x2 + 4x + 3y + 4

Distributive property:
a (x+y) = ax + ay
a (x-y) = ax - ay
-a (x+y) = -ax - ay
-a (x-y) = -ax - ay

(Sorry the picture button doesn't work i'll edit when it works)

The next scribe is Jonathan.


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