March 16, 2010. Scribe Post!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hey guys, so today in math we had a test review so in this scribe im going to talk about what will be on the test.

First off lets name the parts in this number.

So 7 is the Numerical Co-Efficient
The X is the Varible
The 2 is the exponent
and the constant is -9, when your talking about constants you have to put the whole thing.

Alright now its time to learn aboot LIKE TERMS!!

Like terms are 2 or more numbers that go together. The reason they go together is because they have the same variable and the same degree. Lets try an example shall we?

Which Numbers are Like Terms?

7x + 5y + 9xy + 4y

The like terms are 5y and 4y because they have the same variable which is "Y" and the same degree which is 1.

Now lets do a question like one we'll probably get on the test.

(7x + 4y + 8) - (3 + 6x -8y)

The first step we have to do is remove the brackets, now you think it would be

7x + 4y +8 -3 +6x -8y but you would be wrong if you thought that the correct answer is:

7x + 4y + 8 -3 -6x +8y. That is the correct way to write it, the reason you write it like that is because the symbol seperating the brackets is a "-" symbol so you have to change each number to its Additive Inverse.

An additive inverse is the opposite of a number. For example the additive inverse of
-1 would be 1 heres some more examples:
-6xy +6xy
-9y + 9y

Those are all additive inverses

Thats really all I can do for a scribe right now because the "import picture button" decided to stop working so I'll update this scribe once the "import picture button" decides to work. Sorry for the inconvienence.


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