Scribe Post for December 03, 2009

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hey everyone.

Yesterday, no one post the scribe, so lets talked a little bit about that :).

  • So the things we did yesterday was to write the "Keyideas" on page 67 in our own words.
  • And we also answered the "Communicate the Ideas" on page 67 and 68.
Now, lets talked about the things we did today.

Sign(negative,positive) of Multiplying and Dividing
-When multiplying and dividing integers(negative and positive), if there is an odd number of negative signs then the answer will be negative.

And then we answered our homework...
Communicate the Ideas [pg. 67 and 68] Here are the answers:


  • c.) The common denominator I prefer is 12 because its easier to simplify and because the "MATHEMATICIANS ARE LAZY!".


  • c.) A. Because its easier.
  • Because sometimes you forget to put the sign after you solved it.


9-06 Dont Forget to do our homework on the book.
Heres the online link for the ebook "CLICKY HERE!".
The homework is at "PRACTISE ON PAGE 68-69".

For the next scribe I pick.

hahah *peace*...


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Uhm Mr. B Sorry If i posted it late because I forgot that im doing the scribe *sorry*.


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