March 13, 2010 Scribe Post (:

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hewoo people of earth today I'm going to talk about what we did in math today.

Well the student teacher person went over LIKE TERMS. So these are some information on like terms.
  • They must have the same VARIABLE and DEGREE.
  • They can be grouped.
  • They can be +,-,x,÷


We also used algebra tiles to figure some of these questions out.


For this question we would have to find all the like terms. In other words put all the "ANIMALS" together.

Next Step:

This is when all of the " ANIMALS " .

Next Step:

For this step we had to put the animals together again and rearrange it. We have to use like terms to rearrange. ( look for the variables and the one that has the greatest degree).
and i think that was it for that math class. Sorry if i missed anything. Please tell me if i did.
Read 5.3
Check your Understanding # 1,3
Practice # 5,8,10-17,19,20,22,27,29
Why is it good to play cards in a graveyard?(blue sheet)
Daffynition Decoder (blue sheet)
The green Booklet
This is all due for Tuesday.


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